Ant Gallery – May 2023

Being that Ant Gallery is part of Seattle Center, the gallery becomes part of NW Folklife Call for Art. The artists of the gallery have been given a theme Lagom which is not too little or too much, which in its self is balance. I thought the shot from February 1993 was fitting of this them because there’s a mix of balance in the of clothing, focus, models, and background. The photo comes from a first model test of Breana and Kat back in February 4th 1993. The shoot consisted of 3 rolls of Kodak TMAX 400 ASA 35 mm 36 exposure film taken with my Dads Canon AE-1 35 mm camera w/50 mm f1.8 lens. Film was most likely developed with TMAX RS Developer, or developed with Rodinal Developer.

The first day of the show will start on the 3rd of May, the opening is the following Saturday at 6 pm. The last day of the show is June 23rd because Folklife happens the end of the May. The show is free, but donations are always welcome. The gallery is located as seen where indicated in the Google map and their address is 305 Harrison St. If you need help to find them, give them a call at 206-233-0680.

Sorry to say that the print was sold today May 4th, so its replacement is the one below. It is also from the same roll and taken only a few shots after the above.

I met the buyer, who’s a new Ant Gallery artist, Anne Sue Harkey of the landscape portrait of Kat and Breana. She’s an established PNW designer, photographer, and musician.


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