New lenses – Brightin Star, Sigma and Tamron.

I got the Brightin Star 35mm f1.7 in 2020 because I was getting tired of a Kiron 28mm f2 on an adapter that stuck out just too far. As you can see, the Brightin is quite small and fits really nice on the a6000’s body. Other benefits with this lens it offers being able to take pretty close shots w/o using closeup filters. The next … Continue reading New lenses – Brightin Star, Sigma and Tamron.

Inner critic.

Who is the inner critic anyways? For me it was something that made me focus on creating the highest quality that was possible with what I had access to at the time. What I didn’t have access to I did my best to experiment with what I could work magic with. Still my inner critic was a bit too anal for even me and many … Continue reading Inner critic.