Showing a print at Ant Gallery in December.

It’s been a while that I have showed at Art/Not Terminal Gallery and this will be the first time I have showed at their 3rd location at the Seattle Center International Fountain Pavilion. The photo above I priced a bit high, mainly because it was created in the end of the 90s with a toning process that I no longer have. Discovered the toning technique … Continue reading Showing a print at Ant Gallery in December.

Studio history…

The first studio wasn’t even mine, it was a studio of a fashion Photographer I met in the middle 80s. His studio was in a combination office and apartment building. He lived in the apartment above, but the office was separate from the studio. The next studio was when I went to Seattle Central Community College for their commercial photography program in the late 80s. … Continue reading Studio history…

2 Shows this April!

Starfish Studios: Retrospective Back in 2008 I was a member of Starfish Studios… I was only there for a month, and this was mainly because the studio had no heat (space heater) and its windows didn’t shut (suicide windows). Other than that, I would have loved to stay longer at Starfish Studios because the building was the famous 619 Western building in the heart of … Continue reading 2 Shows this April!

Cosplay should be a worthy next step…or what I thought.

I’ve been interested in cosplay photography ever since those gothic/fetish days. It is basicly the same thing right? Not really cosplay is much more tamer than that or maybe it was because I was just not photographing the right cosplayers. I have only done a few shoots with the local Cherrian Anime Party (a club my friend Yifang started at SCCC. I went to a … Continue reading Cosplay should be a worthy next step…or what I thought.

Hello, My name is George and I’m a photographer…

This is how I introduce myself to a new model in a café, on the bus or where ever I was at, and I have been on the simple quest to find new models to update my portfolio. Luckily this model had been a former pro as well as one of my model muses back in 1992. I still recall the day I asked her … Continue reading Hello, My name is George and I’m a photographer…

Inner critic.

Who is the inner critic anyways? For me it was something that made me focus on creating the highest quality that was possible with what I had access to at the time. What I didn’t have access to I did my best to experiment with what I could work magic with. Still my inner critic was a bit too anal for even me and many … Continue reading Inner critic.

A new shoot with Michi.

I prefer to shoot without a defied idea when I do model test because in ways it’s like a modeling interview. In most cases I get an idea once I find a model that my mind is filled with what the future shots are, although with models online I find it discouraging because the field there has lots of competition and someone without a defined … Continue reading A new shoot with Michi.