Maddy’s 2nd shoot.

Saturday early evening’s shoot was cut short since I forgot to tell Maddy to bring a long skirt to use as a portable changing tent. There were some short bushes but yeah too short to use for changing. She thought she could, but all of a sudden a few people came down the right stairs, and that was the end of the 4-minute shoot. Before the shoot, sent Maddy, Camila C’s model test that happened in the Summer of 1997. To give her modeling ideas I sent her to qmodels the modeling agency that Japanese and NY based Instagram model and gifted Calligraphy artist itsmasu models for. Had thought of sending her to Seattle Models Guild, but for some reason the website wasn’t showing photos of their models last weekend.

In the decades of shooting at the Republican Hill Climb, models have done different things with changing, like some were able to put on pants under a skirt then pull down the skirt to show off the pants. The simple button up can also help with changing too. Still others didn’t care if the nearby apartment building got a glimpse they weren’t expecting. Found the quick change Cospay artist Yui🍣 off YouTube whose quite experienced with changing.


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