Maddy’s test

Proofed them on my iPhone going back home and thought they were fine just as they are w/o any editing other than adding the watermark. Sure, someone might say that the color could be fixed, but well this is a first model test, so I just leave it be for now.

Met Maddy when I was doing my Ant Gallery Greeter volunteering on April 16th the day that the gallery has an artist model last month. Saw her again when I became the official gallery photographer who would capture photos of art for the website. I asked her if she’d be interested in a model test, so it was planned on a day that I would be near the café for a Coffee Club of Seattle meetup. I suggested 1 pm, and she suggested 2 pm, which I was apprehensive with the time since the meetup was for 3 pm. Luckily, she was early, and the model test was very short and only took around 10 minutes to do. Her looks/outfits were more jacket on and jacket off. I moved her to different areas in the Ant Gallery and outside. When we were done, I walked to Sugar Bakery, and she joined me since it was on her way. One of the coffee drinkers was already there, and she continued on her way.


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