Cloud Why Quick Model Test

Tagged Cloud Why a number of years ago on modelmayhem, and she contacted me this year, and we did the Quick Model Test today. These kinds of tests are good with new models to get a number of looks down, but not having to edit lots of shots. Back in the film days, I did this kind of shooting with all of my new models because I would get lots of great shots but not to use up lots of film. Sometimes I would use more film if the model was comfortable. In most cases, I would do more of these kinds of tests until the model got more comfortable. These shoots also gave me ideas what to do with the future shoot too. Many times I don’t have much of a concept until the first model test has been taken.

The shoot happened in Olympia’s Yashiro Japanese Garden on a nice, warm spring afternoon. The park was slightly popular with a few people visiting it while we did our shoot.


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