Ant Gallery – March 2023 show.

Another DIY toned image from a nude model test from June 5th 1996 printed on Forte Polywarmtone fiber paper. The photo, like my previous, won’t be censored in the gallery.

I posted a Stranger back page classifieds looking for models, and she answered it. Our meeting was at the Pioneer Square Starbucks, which was a little stroll from her studio apartment. The studio had a nice wall of windows that offered the only light source for the shoot. The only issue though, this light was coming from the setting sun and I only had a short time to capture what I did. At the time, she worked at Seattle’s Famous Lusty Lady establishment, so she was familiar to moving in front of an audience.

The first day of the show will start on the 1st of March, the opening is at 6 pm on March 4th and the last day of the show is March 24th. The show is free, but donations are always welcome. The gallery is located as seen where indicated in the map. If you google the address, it will suggest 305 Harrison St, which will leave you a few blocks away from the gallery. If you need help to find them, the map works the best, or give them a call at 206-233-0680.

Ant (Art Not Terminal) Gallery is a great place for any artist show. I have shown off and on since 1989. The current hanging fee is $15 per piece + volunteering 2 3.5hr to 7hrs sitting shifts. The gallery also offers Sunday Figure Drawing Session 5pm – 8 pm for $15 per person.


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