Ant Gallery – February 2023 show.

The print is an oldie but goodie from a shoot that happened on January 12th of 1993. The picture came from the first roll of a 3 roll shoot and is a contact print of an 8×10 Ilford Litho Film negative that I solarized while developing it in the darkroom. The shoot was the 2nd shoot of the model, who I met either my first or 2nd year at Seattle Central Community College’s Commercial Photography Program. Had to censor the shot, but you can see it in all its uncensored glory in Ant Gallery in the February show.

The first shots I took of her were in the 1989s in the school’s studio, and not nudes at the time. First roll Kodak Verichrome 125 and 2nd Ilford HP4 125. Cannot say why 2 types of film were shot or why the Ilford roll looks like it does, other than maybe the D-76 might have been exhausted 😭. Have had a few rolls though the years that suffered different kinds of fate like lack of enough developer, little or no agitation and exhausted fixer, but they have created interesting effects.

The first day of the show will start on the 1st of February, the opening is at 6 pm on February 4th and the last day of the show is February 24th. The show is free, but donations are always welcome. The gallery is located as seen where indicated in the map. If you google the address, it will suggest 305 Harrison St, which will leave you a few blocks away from the gallery. If you need help to find them, the map works the best, or give them a call at 206-233-0680.

Ant (Art Not Terminal) Gallery is a great place for any artist show. I have shown off and on since 1989. The current hanging fee is $15 per piece + volunteering 2 3.5hr to 7hrs sitting shifts. The gallery also offers Sunday Figure Drawing Session 5pm – 8 pm for $15 per person.

Unfortunately, I will miss the February 4th show because I’m shooting at Dead of Winter Masquerade Ball sponsored by Gothic Pride Seattle with live performance by NUDA with DJs JQ and Wives starting at 8 pm at Cafe Racer 1510 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

Shameless plug for my Fine Arts America profile, where I sell some of my photos + you see a small sample of my NSFW photos as well. I need to sponsor art prints so that my images get featured on that page.

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