Making a living in my talent.

This is my new year’s resolution, but made it the first week of 2023. A fellow Ant Gallery friend told me of a site called, and he said that they helped out artists to get into cafés and such. Looked into their site, and they do offer sales in selected local areas, but it’s up to the buyer where this art goes. I was able to log in but never got my credentials, maybe because it was during the holiday vacation and something was broken or who really knows. I got another login to the site and was told that people shots don’t sell well with the site that deals more with art and abstract photography. The contact also asked me about my not portrait shots. I sent them to a Google photos album I made from going through the 30yrs+ of random city shots I take, say at the end of the roll or just when I see buildings being either build or torn down. Some shots I also took though a given bus ride to or in Seattle.

#1 shot taken with my iphone 6 Plus most cases waiting for the bus to go somewhere. #2 shot, taken of a signal box on the walk to the Westlake Whole Foods to get some grub before attending a Coffee Club of Seattle Meetup. #3 walking back to catch a bus out of Seattle. #4 Signal Box Art in front of Glazers Camera Store. #5 on Sound Transit route 594 in Seattle’s Sodo area just blocks from bus way turn and #6 on 6th ave few blocks from downtown Seattle. #7 walking to Westlake Whole Foods. #8 a shot I took of the Emerald Palace’s last days before it would face its demise for a lack luster brick high-rise.

I got a Google sponsored adv for artstorefronts and I wanted to know what might be a better photography ecommerce solution. FineArtAmerica came up in a forum, and so I looked into it, and it offers both paid and limited free accounts. I’m testing out the free version. I’m kind of a pea in a very big pod of all kinds of art and photography. Thought I would just join and get sales, but it doesn’t work that way. In order to get featured, I am required to have Search Engine Sponsorships for the site like framed art prints and the more I have these Sponsorships, the more chances for my photographs to show in their searches.

A little sample of the shots on the Fine Art America that I have for sale. These images are cropped to the sloppy boarder only because when the prints are printed they add a white boarder to the prints. First shot from a 93 model test, second from the last time I shot at OK Hotel Studio, and last of a coworker at the old Filmstop Lab that I used to work at. By the way, this photographer in the picture did eventually become a pro and shot fashion for a few years before getting burned out and opening a pottery studio in Portland, Or called Pursuits Studio.

Well, never really made a living with my photography, but was able to keep on doing it with doing shoots and selling prints.


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