#2 Week scans

Well because of the holidays and all those lovely holiday parties the scanning was postponed. Some scans were rescans because I had been using the scanner settings in not the best way. In the past, used to scan really dense black and white negatives with the color setting and then converted them to monotone in photoshop. I also used to scan a full filmstrip instead of allowing the scanner to scan individual shots. I do allow a wider crop to gain the full frame vs cropping all the frame out, just for personal preference.

All scans done with Epson Perfection V550 Photo, oddly using an old iBook G4 14″ 1.42ghz running Mac OS 10.5.8. I’m sure you are scratching your heads and wondering why I used such an old Mac with such a newer scanner, and it’s because I can. One wouldn’t expect a scanner that came out in 2013 would support an old Mac system from 2007 or even support old Window XP systems.

The first shot is a re-scan of a shot from SCCC Photography studios for a fashion student who I was helping with her portfolio. The camera used was a RB67 Pro-S and lights were Norman 2000ws strobes. The double exposure wasn’t planned, and I guess for some reason I thought I had advanced the roll but didn’t 😭!

Next the first goth who introduced me to the goth/fetish model scene, photographed in her North Gate house. This shot was the 4th to the last shoot with this model. The next model was shot around the same time as the Gothic model was photographed, but in Seattle’s Capital Hill area. Next model shot at my Hair & Makeup Artist (hmua) studio in South Lake Union area and this model’s hair and make up were done by my hmua stylist at the time. Another model who was friends of my hmua stylist, taken at the model’s apartment in Capital Hill area.

The sweater model came though, I think either a Model Mayhem or One Model Place listing and shot Capital Hills Volunteer Park. Next model and her friend I had photographed before, with the first I had photographed as early as 98 and the other only took a few snaps when she was at a party. The shoot was in one of my favorite shooting locations, Lakeview Cemetery.

Next shot with my Seagull 4A 6×6 and cannot say why she is posing that way with her shoes. This model was a traveling model, visiting different photographers for shoots. Other shot taken with my old Minolta and Agfa Ultra 50 color film. Shots were taken in my Summit Arms Apartment in Capital hill. The next model I had shot a number of times during a 2-year period, but this time would be our last shoot. The odd thing about this shoot is that both rolls of film were color. One Ilford XP2 Super (monotone) and the other Fujifilm Superia Reala 100 color. The next models were on the end of the XP2 roll, and these were the model’s first model test at Capital Hill’s Broadway Market.


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