Showing a print at Ant Gallery in December.

It’s been a while that I have showed at Art/Not Terminal Gallery and this will be the first time I have showed at their 3rd location at the Seattle Center International Fountain Pavilion. The photo above I priced a bit high, mainly because it was created in the end of the 90s with a toning process that I no longer have. Discovered the toning technique during my years in the SCCC Commercial Photography program. Since the future of working in a darkroom is still up in the air, toning prints like this are also up in the air too. The best papers for this kind of toning was Forté Polywarmtone VC but since the future of this paper is really unknown. Would have to test with new papers as well as create the toner that might take months if not years to recreate.

I have showed at A/NT Gallery ever since the late 80s, when I had lost my way as a photographer after finishing the photography program at SCCC. I recall walking down the street and I found this strange gallery down Westlake Ave in Seattle. Stayed with them a few years, helped them with some design volunteering, and then moved on. When I walked down the street again they had moved to their 2nd location and I showed with them for a few more years and moved on. I gather I will show with them like I have in the past. In ways, A/NT Gallery is like The Giving Tree for the beginning artist to have a place to show their art and invite their friends to see the art.

The opening is at 6 pm on December 3rd and the gallery is located as seen where indicated in the map. If you google the address, it will suggest 305 Harrison St, which will leave you a few blocks away from the gallery. If you need help to find them, the map works the best, or give them a call at 206-233-0680.


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