Getting inspired & working on a new studio…

Been watching Fashion Photographer Peter Coulson‘s youtube and getting inspired about my garage studio I’m working on. The idea of shooting in the garage has been on my mind for maybe a week or two. Ceilings are high enough for the backdrop to disappear, but there is a good deal of hanging crap around. Still, that stuff shouldn’t cause much of an issue 🤞🏼.

How will I heat & cool it!? I have thought of having a vent added, from the laundry room’s heat duct. This would require a contractor to cut a vent in, which shouldn’t be too difficult since there’s a plan to have the house painted… Recently had Kings Koverings remodel of the master bathroom, and the team did a great job, so installing a vent shouldn’t be too difficult for them. Plan to have them paint the house in a few months, but for the time being thought of getting a 100sf fan heater until the vent can be installed.

I have also thought of adding a b/w darkroom to the garage as well. I used to have a dark garage in Kirkland when I was younger. Like that, this one will be limited since I won’t be working with any plumbing. Just using a bucket for temping chemicals and the other for waste water to dump the 🚽. Still 😍 printing vs getting them printed also many labs won’t print nudes and well other Not Safe For Work (NSFW) work. When I worked at Filmstop we printed almost everything. There’s also limitations of what a color or b/w lab can do for you in the printing department.

I used to make a special print that took time to develop. I developed the print, then added the solution and wait an hour or more for it to develop.

Processing the film I thought I might use the old t-max rs, but it might be hard to find and pricey, but recently found Cine Still Film that makes a b/w dev/fix chem that I might try. Issue with developing b/w film is that there are usually 5 chemicals (dev, stop, fix, hypo & photo flo). Cutting that down to dev/fix and water is something I’ll have to try. Still might lose out on the quality of the film grain, but once again might be time to invest in that 6×4.5 camera I always wanted to invest in. There’s also color and slide film chemicals.

Back to Peter Coulson’s YouTube tuts, and he uses some nice equipment that well I cannot even get close to affording always being the frugal photographer that I have been, but I might be able to craft something to compete like a camera stand. I have a good deal of tripods and I personally don’t use them, but I do like the camera stand idea. I used one when I was in school for the loaner Mamiya 6×7. Thought I would make a platform for the tripod and put wheels on the bottom. Once again with Peter’s studio using a tether model vs plug and play offers being able to control the exposure which I’ve oddly never worked with. My first exposure to this was working for Lifetouch who still do the portrait photography at JC Penney, but since I was on choosing and selling I didn’t really work with it. I recall that they went through batteries pretty quickly since the camera was left on all the time and the tether didn’t offer any power to the camera…

Peter uses Phocus which is a Hasselblad program, but he also says that Capture One can be used. I noticed a recent update that Sony is giving their users access to Express Capture One as a choice of the software they offer to their users. The benefit here is that you can upgrade to the full version at a great savings.


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