Got some broken cameras from ebay…

The first camera was a Sony NEX-6 from ebay.

The Sony NEX-6 was the first broken camera although the seller stated it was in good working order, but they had used with its auto settings, so they didn’t know that it’s control dial was broken. Around the same time I got an e mount to md mount adapter because I wanted to see if I could use any of my old Minolta MD Mount lenses with the camera. Benefit was that since the adapter gave no benefit to access the aperture the broken control dial that controlled aperture on auto-focus lenses I could still use the camera with the old Minolta lenses.

Contacted the seller and told him about the issue. Told him I liked the camera even thought it was broken and I looked into what it might take to fix it. Found a used part on ebay and told him about it, and He gave me two choices either to send it back, and he would pay for the return postage, or he would offer me 1/2 of a refund. Kept the camera and applied the refund on a part to fix the broken control dial.

Looked on ifixit for a good nex-6 and didn’t find the best ifixit because this kind of fix wasn’t part of their fixits. I luckily found a service manual that helped allot on how to fix the part as well as discharge the 300v flash capacitor. The service manual suggested using a specific resistor to dump the charge to but I didn’t have any access to this kind of resistor. Luckily found a youtube with a guy using a nightlight to discharge the capacitor. Again I didn’t have a nightlight but I did have a desk light, so I thought I would use that in place.

When I got the part I was so excited I took apart the camera and broke it even more. The wire assembly was underneath another and when I lifted off the top of the camera it ripped the wire assembly in two. I put the camera back together and found out that the flash, mode dial and control dial would no longer function but interesting enough the camera still operated because it was still in manual setting. A few days later I repaired it and it has worked fine ever since.

2nd camera was a Sony a6000 from ebay.

The 2nd camera another Sony but this time an a6000 body and it was sold for parts. I thought since I fixed the last camera I could also fix this one and the warning message the camera was: Batterie incompatible Utiliser le mobèle correct. Had such message but in English from my NEX-3N when I put a few fake batteries I got from Amazon shortly after getting the camera and thought the fix was a snap, so I put a number of my batteries in it but got the same message. I googled for what to do and the suggestion was to clean the battery contacts which I did my best with some 70% Isopropyl Alcohol but it didn’t do much to turn the camera on.

Looked at ifixit once more to find out how to take the a6000 camera apart and I found the best was the Sony α6000 Motherboard Replacement guide as well as finding the service manual. I took the camera apart and discharged the capacitor but no lights came on. The contacts were dark and looked like they might have suffered from water damage. I took the lcd to check out the contacts and many of the contacts were corroded and no amount of cleaning with the Isopropyl Alcohol 70% did any good.

3rd camera, another Sony a6000.

The seller sold it as parts even though it was just shy of 3k shutter count (asked them a number of questions about it). They didn’t list that it had a nice shutter count and when they tried to add more to the listing something went wrong with the listing. I really wanted to get the camera and the seller told me that they would list it in 7 days from Sunday. When the day came up, I got the camera. When it arrived it was packed as if it was only parts haphazardly, but when I took it out and put a battery in it worked fine. I applied some tape to the electric viewfinder (evf) because there were loose shards of glass that I was afraid could fall out.


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