2 Shows this April!

Starfish Studios: Retrospective


Back in 2008 I was a member of Starfish Studios… I was only there for a month and this was mainly because the studio had no heat (space heater) and it’s windows didn’t shut (suicide windows). Other than that I would have loved to stay longer at Starfish Studios because the building was the famous 619 Western building in the heart of Pioneer Square Art Walk. The building had lots of character and I really would have liked the different character backgrounds backgrounds of my photos…

The Addison Gallery • 308 Fourth Ave. S • Seattle, WA 98104

An/t Gallery

I had visited my old eclectic non juried gallery earlier last month… Saw a for lease sign in its window and thought I would add a print in the show this month since I already had the Starfish Studios: Retrospective show this month. The lease sign was posted by the land owner hoping that the gallery might fail… Luckily the gallery is moving to Seattle Center and will start being a gallery there starting this June.

As for the odd show of my photos this month I didn’t understand the hanging there. I thought I would just play for one print at the least hanging fee… I found out I was allowed to hang another print in the lower selection… Having just come from the photo lab that day I had all of my prints for both shows. I hastily taped and pinned on the wall.

A/NT: Art/Not Terminal Gallery • 2045 Westlake Avenue • Seattle, WA, 98121
206.233.0680 • info@antgallery.org

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