Got a seasonal portrait studio job…


Every successful photographer I’ve known whose making a living in photography has worked in them. In my past I have desired to be the photographer but oddly ended up as a lab rat instead. This time the advertisement said that I would be both a photographer and sales person, but most of my job was selling, customer service and very little photography. Maybe it’s a good thing, since the location I worked at only offered a small studio in a department store that lacked adequate ventilation and modeling lights were left on all the time. My training was first on a proofing program they used, then learning how the portrait studio took specific portraits and how they sold them.

It’s nice to have some money to invest back into the business. Updating a few MacBooks as well as fixing my old MacBook Pro 2009 that has suffered with hinge glue failure since 2011. I’ve also been thinking of getting a Canon EOS 6d as well as a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 since my old Canon 20d and Canon PowerShot g9 just are too noisy in the higher ISO.

The job has also been making me think how I might proof my shoots after I shoot them. I thought it would be cool to load my shoots to my iPhone, preview the pix, mark what ones to order and upload them to the printing server, but this is only accessible though iPads and some websites.


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