Printing with iOS?


Well there’s this thing called Airprint and if you have a mac with Lion (Mac OS X.7) or a AirPrint supported printer you’re good to go (maybe) but not you might be up the creek! Well not really that is if you use Gmail app for your email on your iOS device you can send the email you want to print to google drive get the supported printer app login to google drive with that and print away. Tried this with my dad’s old HP Photosmart C6100, and it surprisingly worked!

Update 2/13/17

Just get Samsung Mobile print and print to your Wi-Fi or printer share printer! 😂😂😂 I use an old Ethernet to Mac Mini 1.25ghz printing with a Samsung ml-2571n and well it would work in a pinch it doesn’t create the highest quality printing because the app doesn’t offer the perks that a given print dialog offers. Personally not a fan of iOS printing because of the issue of the lack of printing features resulting in low quality print 💩 😭 !

Update 3/10/22

No thrills printing is possible with Printer Pro and I say no thrills because no way to control other than how it prints on the page. Issue though is that the app has been discontinued but still works in iOS 15.3.1.


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