Newest gift a iPhone 6 Plus

Not in my wildest dreams would I think that I would get an iPhone 6 or even the bigger model, the iPhone 6 Plus. It was my Birthday on November 18th and when I looked at the birthday card from my folks instead of the usual expected green back there was written iPhone 6 suggested as the gift. At first, I was disappointed because I really wanted to get a used MacBook with the green back.

I went with my mom first to Costco, and they had both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but there was a line. Sure we could have waited, but I didn’t know if Costco’s rep had the power to switch my prepay account, so we went to the local T-mobile store and I did want to get the iPhone plus, but they told us they were sold out, so I got the iPhone 6 Plus 16gb model, Case-Mate case and tech21 Impact Shield.

My previous mobile device was a semi faithful LG Optimus T P509 Android phone, just had enough memory to run a few choice apps for social networking, Wi-Fi syncing, and a few other apps that helped using the phone easier. It only had 170 MB Internal and once that was full the phone would suffer. I was hoping that if I got a macro sd that would help out, but the way the os worked it only used that for storage, so I was stuck with suffering with this little phone. Sure, I have read about ways to crack the system, but didn’t get the answer I desired because of the limitations of this phone.

iOS 8.1 is different from Android OS 2.2, although I was hoping there would be some apps that would share the experience. Previously having a iOS 3.1.3 iPod Touch 1g 8gb, I had experience with the system. I was hoping I could get the same apps, but I was disappointed. iOS has only recently allowed keyboard apps, so I’m having to wait to see the desired long press keyboard instead of having to hit [123] and [#+=] to get the desired symbols. Syncing has been a headache as well since I used Mark/Space’s missing sync for android and where it worked okay (if there was an update ether on the phone or sync app on computer it would be a little buggy) the iOS version known as Fliq has connection problems with 1/2 of it’s apps and doesn’t seem to connect to my… Mark/Space site does say it has missing sync for iPhone but can’t find it in app store and when I’ve gone to Mark/Space site only Fliq is available.

Nice thing about Missing sync is it has its own little apps that offer some perks vs the stock apps. In android there was Fliq notes, Fliq cal and Fliq tasks.


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