I suffer from depression.

Sure I could take a vice to cope but I don’t because I learned by experience that a vice ether don’t last or really help. If you have emotions that are making you crazy you gotta let them go so that the positive emotions can come to help you. I have found that surrender of emotions helps a lot and I’ve found that the Sedona Method is pretty helpful. I have found a few free Sedona method archives: The Sedona Method – Free Audios from Steve Pavlina and a free .pdf at the-sedona-method-free-pdf from let me reach from a google search I just did.

Meditation can also help with depression too because I feel that emotions are our powers and when we have the right motivation and disciple we can inspire great things. I have found that Loving Kindness meditation for a great and very powerful emotional meditation.

Then there is the issue of relationships woes and I’ve found that working with starting off all relationships as platonic ones from the start is the best way because most cases friendliness is in it’s self a kind of bliss.

There’s also getting into a hobby that may involve you so much that depression becomes a thing of the past.


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