Sorry for being so late with the entry…

I have done some shoots, but far less than previously because since moving from Seattle in mid 2011 I’ve had less to photograph. Folks are just different when I live, and one of my main models who used to travel down to Olympia moved to LA for fashion design school last summer.

September I ventured to Seattle for my 5th Bunka fashion college show. Went up to Mt. Rainier to see if we could find the 10th mountain trail. We weren’t successful so we went to Mt. Rainier summit instead. Got an inquiry with a traveling professional model and only did one model test, but she refused to sign a release, so I can’t show any pix from that shoot and lastly a rainy day model test of model mayhem model Tianaaaa in Olympia.

Recently, I’ve been working on developing my current website into a responsive website, so the droves of smartphone users can peer at my talents without zooming. I’ve picked out using a few different sliders for my site and a drop-down menu navigation, but the learning curve is a bit steeper than I thought, so I’ve been working on that as well-being enrolled in to review and learn about what’s new in web design.


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