The darkroom.

Started printing back in jr high school and didn’t have a home darkroom until my Dad bought a used enlarger from a fellow Jr Achievement Adviser. The little enlarger came with 2 lenses, 2 film carriers, a gray lab timer, a number of 8.5×11 developing trays, a funky easel, a few different plastic film developing tanks. The darkroom that I used from somewhere in the … Continue reading The darkroom.

Jewelry photography.

Recently I did some jewelry testing at Palapala Seattle. I say jewelry testing since I’ve never shot it before with my multi function photek softlighter with anything but people and most recently food. My first shot was to photograph my new stylish shooting glasses. Next up was a watch necklace (that I held up with some electronics holding device I got from radioshack). I used … Continue reading Jewelry photography.

Cosplay should be a worthy next step…or what I thought.

I’ve been interested in cosplay photography ever since those gothic/fetish days. It is basicly the same thing right? Not really cosplay is much more tamer than that or maybe it was because I was just not photographing the right cosplayers. I have only done a few shoots with the local Cherrian Anime Party (a club my friend Yifang started at SCCC. I went to a … Continue reading Cosplay should be a worthy next step…or what I thought.

Hello, My name is George and I’m a photographer…

This is how I introduce myself to a new model in a café, on the bus or where ever I was at, and I have been on the simple quest to find new models to update my portfolio. Luckily this model had been a former pro as well as one of my model muses back in 1992. I still recall the day I asked her … Continue reading Hello, My name is George and I’m a photographer…

Inner critic.

Who is the inner critic anyways? For me it was something that made me focus on creating the highest quality that was possible with what I had access to at the time. What I didn’t have access to I did my best to experiment with what I could work magic with. Still my inner critic was a bit too anal for even me and many … Continue reading Inner critic.

A new shoot with Michi.

I prefer to shoot without a defied idea when I do model test because in ways it’s like a modeling interview. In most cases I get an idea once I find a model that my mind is filled with what the future shots are, although with models online I find it discouraging because the field there has lots of competition and someone without a defined … Continue reading A new shoot with Michi.